World Map of Peace_Tree of Peace_Servare et Manere

World Map of Peace

The World Map of Peace or World Peace Map, abbreviated as well the Map of Peace, was created to unify the individual plantings of the Trees of Peace in different countries of the world and give them a clear goal: to involve as many countries as possible into the planting of Trees of Peace and thus gradually supplement the Map of Peace. The International Tree of Peace was founded in…

Carl Gustav Swensson Memorial Žilina Slovakia

Carl Gustav Swensson Memorial in Žilina

Marek Sobola, Servare et Manere Secretary-General, has initiated historical research and international cooperation which led to a significant discovery that sheds light on the history of architecture in Žilina, the fourth largest city in Slovakia. This particularly interesting discovery was the fact that the author of landscaping around the former Cloth Factory in Žilina – Ungarische Wollwaren, Militärtuch- und Deckenfabrik Actiengesellschaft in Sillein was Carl Gustav Swensson (June 15, 1861…

Medal of Merit for Slovak Diplomacy Marek Sobola Servare et Manere

Medal of Merit for Slovak Diplomacy

Servare et Manere is the exclusive supplier of the highest departmental award of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (MFAaEA SR) called the Medal of Merit for Slovak Diplomacy. The award is awarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and is awarded to persons for extraordinary merits in building diplomacy of the Slovak Republic, significant contribution to the fulfillment of foreign policy goals of the…

Kaplnka na Bôriku Samostatne stojaca Bozia Muka Servare et Manere

Wayside shrine in Žilina

The NGO Servare et Manere is also dedicated to the promotion of cultural and historical monuments in Slovakia, including their restoration and reconstruction. Throughout its history, the association has been involved in several international projects and is also involved in publishing activities. There are several small wayside shrines in the cadastre of the city of Žilina, some of which have disappeared, some have been reconstructed and others require restoration. Our…